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The first of its kind.


With over 1.2 billion youth in the Commonwealth, a holistic and inclusive approach to problem-solving must be implemented for issues affecting young people. A paradigm shift is needed to enhance the environment to provide better resources and support to youth-led actions. The Commonwealth Youth Innovation Centre is a hub focused on developing human capital to drive economic and societal innovation, foster unity and transform societies through sustainable impact. The Centre takes a multi-dimensional and multi-level approach to tackling global issues with the following missions:

  • Establish an enabling space to increase youth competency through skills development with the use of technology and creativity.
  • Conduct research and data collection on pressing global issues and current practices.
  • Employ innovative methods of mentoring and guiding youth to drive youth capacity development.
  • Create sustainable policy changes by carrying out high-level and grassroots advocacy work that will yield impact within a short period of time and facilitates active youth participation in global agendas.


An initiative by the Centre, the Future Youth Summit (FUYOH) will bring together over 500 young leaders, government officials, field experts, international speakers and youth development stakeholders. FUYOH is a convergence of minds to spark intergenerational and multidimensional discussions on the challenges and future of young people.

There will be four thematic pillars that will guide the topics of discussions: A Future of Digitalism, A Future of Sustainability, A Future of Inclusivity, A Future of Creativity.

The objectives of FUYOH are:

Establish a platform for young people to manage their agenda, learn skills and deepen their knowledge on current challenges.

Promote meaningful dialogue between youth and stakeholders who are at the forefront of the global challenge.

Provide young people the opportunity to increase capacity in contributing to world issues.

Thematic Pillars

A Future of Digitalism

Disruptive technology and the digital economy are rapidly changing the way ecosystems and businesses thrive and run. In an era whereby each of us are connected now more than ever, how is tech advancing sustainable development and combating global challenges? With the sudden displacement of older models, skills for rethinking the economy, education, opportunity platforms and financial support towards creating youth entrepreneurship is more crucial now than ever. Countries and societies that are harnessing the drive and energy of young people are benefiting from the innovation that comes from youth-led organisations and businesses.

A Future of Sustainability

With the average temperature increasing, spread of diseases, erratic weather and melting polar ice, it’s no wonder climate change is at the forefront of our concerns. Add this to the increasing number of industries that are leaving irreversible carbon footprints, sustainable development and economic growth becomes an insurmountable challenge if climate change is not properly addressed. As young people have more at stake than any other demographic group, and their energy, innovation and commitment will be critical to identifying and implementing strategies and actions that will shape our future in the years to come. Without the empowerment of over 50% of the world’s population, the world will not see the fight against climate change and sustainable development becoming a reality!

A Future of Inclusivity

As the world is progressing, it also faces a major imbalance on the other side of the scale. Major inequalities are affecting the lives of billions and infringing on their fundamental rights. Many major issues come into play here, such as poverty, peace & security, social cohesion and empowerment of marginalised communities that require sustainable action. At FUYOH, we aim to explore the power of the connecting dot to sustainable development in these issues - education. Poverty has many faces - the practice of measuring welfare was focused on the consumption, however we must take into account the subjective views, basic needs, opportunities and fundamental rights. As poverty varies from country to country, how do we truly define poverty and combat it? As more citizens take their stance against governments and extremist parties attacking communities, there is a huge social unrest that is building up. These violent conflicts are increasing, causing the lives of many to be displaced thus making them more vulnerable to disasters and death. As global citizens, does our inaction play a role in making matters worse or are our current actions flawed? Without a doubt, mediation, peacebuilding and peacekeeping are critical to rebuilding societies impacted by conflict. In this era where we are connected, we are still divided in the disparity in the treatment and capabilities of social groups that is causing catastrophic outcomes. Placing emphasis working working towards social cohesion on vulnerable and marginalised groups is key to the birth of inclusive societies. By helping young people to acquire the skills to recognize opportunities for the inclusion all groups and empower the marginalised, we can build societies that proper economically and socially.

A Future of Creativity

Often overlooked, media, arts and culture is key to sustaining societies and driving economic development. With over 90% of the world connected to each other through technology and information, how exactly is information delivered and how does affect human behaviour to bring about social change? As the world is becoming more interconnected and knowledge-based, we are seeing an assimilation of cultures - a ‘world culture’. Does this adversely affect creativity and imagination? Whilst knowledge is limited to the physical world, imagination breaks boundaries, stimulates progress and births groundbreaking innovations.